Friday, May 28, 2021

Youtuber Arrested For Flying Dog With Helium Balloon

 Delhi Police Thursday arrested 27-year-old Gaurav Sharma, a YouTube content creator, for animal cruelty after a video showed his dog floating in the air with helium balloons strapped to his back.


In the video posted on 22 May, which has been deleted since Sharma was first in a park with his mother and his dog where he announced that he will make his dog fly.

The dog, which had balloons tied to its back, could be seen floating in the air before his mother caught it.

In the next part of the video, Sharma can be seen on top of a car with his mother, where he once again announces that he will attempt to make his dog fly and then releases the dog with the helium balloons attached to its back. The video ends after the dog reaches the second floor of the building.

The video was deleted by Sharma after there was widespread outrage in the comments section. Several users also took to Twitter to condemn the video.

Sharma issued an apology in a subsequent video, posted on 23 May, and said that he took down the dog’s video as sentiments had been hurt but claimed that he had taken all safety precautions while shooting it.

However, Sharma was arrested after a complaint was filed against him by Gaurav Gupta from an animal welfare group, People for Animals

Even though Sharma issued an apology for the video, Gupta said it wasn’t enough. “An apology is not enough. It is like saying you killed someone but you apologised so it’s alright. The dog could have had a heart attack, he could have died if the balloons burst.

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