Monday, May 24, 2021

XXXTentacion’s Brother Suing Late Rapper’s Mother for Allegedly Hiding Money Less Than a Year After Similar Dispute


One of XXX Tentacions brothers is claiming the late rapper’s mother Cleopatra Bernard has been hiding money by creating multiple shell companies.


NBC Miami reports that X’s half-brother Corey Pack filed a complaint against Bernard last week, asserting that she has been transferring money from the estate to multiple holding companies.

Attorney Robert Stok, who represents Pack, said the “fraudulent transfer complaint seeks to recover assets being transferred from the probate estate by XXX’s mother, Cleo Bernard, in order to deprive our client Corey Pack, of a recovery, if he’s successful in his efforts to secure his inheritance rights either under his late brother's trust or will."

The complaint notes that Pack and another of X’s brothers both have 25 percent interest in the estate, while the rapper’s mother has 50 percent.

Pack’s mother Jodi Kavney previously filed a lawsuit against Bernard last June, saying he’s entitled to a fair share of XXXTentacion’s estate, which is valued at over $50 million. As TMZ reported at the time, Pack’s mother claimed Bernard had come up with a plan to secretly drain millions from X’s estate. Bernard denied the allegations, but Kavney said an alleged deal made with the mother of XXX’s child resulted in Pack being pushed out of the estate. Kavney filed the lawsuit in hopes of recovering assets she said were “improperly and surreptitiously transferred.” The new complaint does not state how much Bernard allegedly fraudulently transferred.

Earlier this month, XXX Tentacion's estate announced a set of unreleased songs will be dropped as NFTS

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