Thursday, May 27, 2021

Thirty bodies found after boat accident in Kebbi state


At least 30 bodies have been pulled from a river where a boat carrying more than 150 passengers sank in Nigeria.Authorities said only 20 people were rescued when the ferry travelling between Niger state and Kebbi state in the north-west broke in two.


Yusuf Birma, head of the National Inland Waterways Authority (Niwa) in Kebbi state told the BBC that 30 bodies have so far been recovered.

"There's no hope of finding any survivors at this moment," he said.

The true death toll may never be known. Some reports said the boat had been carrying up to 200 people, mostly women and children.

Mr Birma said the boat did not load at a designated jetty so there was no manifest to know the exact number onboard.

"It was meant to be carrying between 131 and 150 but certainly not up to the 180 being quoted," he told the BBC.

He said some of the boat operators, not wanting to pay taxes, did not load at the jetties but preferred to pick passengers along the way were they are unregulated.

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