Thursday, May 27, 2021

The birthplace of a royal romance: As William and Kate return to St Andrews 20 years on from when they met in halls

University sweethearts: Prince William and Kate Middleton on the day of their graduation ceremony at St Andrews University in June 2005. The couple met as freshers four years prior

 For four years they enjoyed a cosy and largely anonymous life - blending in with their 7,500 fellow students as their romance quietly blossomed.

Daily Mail

But today the Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge were very much the centre of attention as they made a trip back to St Andrews University 

The couple were on hand to meet students and staff, to hear more about how their lives have been affected by the pandemic. 

It was also a personal trip down memory lane. After all, it was at St Andrews - in St Salvator's halls, in fact - where Kate Middleton first met William Wales. 

Ten years after meeting the couple were engaged and now, 20 years on, they are parents of three juggling all the demands placed on the future king and his queen consort. 

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