Sunday, May 16, 2021

Some Amazon managers say they hire people they intend to fire later just to meet their turnover goal

 Amazon has a goal to get rid of a certain percentage of employees every year - and three managers told Insider they felt so much pressure to meet the goal that they hired people just to fire them :"We might hire people that we know we're going to fire, just to protect the rest of the team," one manager said.


The practice is informally called "hire to fire," in which managers hire people, internally or externally, they intend to fire within a year, just to help meet their annual turnover target, called unregretted attrition (URA). A manager's URA target is the percentage of employees the company wouldn't regret seeing leave, one way or the other.

The existence of the practice in at least some parts of the company shows how Amazon's system of requiring managers to hit a target attrition goal every year can foster controversial norms and practices.

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