Friday, May 14, 2021

'She has filled our lives with hope' - Seven-year-old writes books using just her eyes


Using only her eyes Amelia, from Bromsgrove, who was born with rare brain damage has written a book that will be featured in the British Library A seven-year-old girl from Bromsgrove born with a rare form of brain damage has become a child author in lockdown by only using her eyes to...

Birmingham Live

Amelia Sefton, 7, was born diagnosed with rare Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) at birth, a type of brain damage occurring in newborns resulting from a shortage of oxygen and blood flow to the brain.

Amelia was in intensive care for six weeks after a complicated delivery that forced her mum Natalie into a coma; her initial prognosis wasn’t hopeful as doctors believed she wouldn't even know who she was and would grow to be both deaf and blind.

But despite her difficulties being wheelchair-bound and unable to communicate using speech, miraculously Amelia has learned to use her eyes to begin writing.

Using eye gaze technology famously seen by famous physicist Stephen Hawking, she has now written her own book winning a Young Writers competition - amazingly it will mean her book will feature in British libraries.

Mum Natalie, 39, nearly died delivering during childbirth. She said: "I’m immensely proud of her. I think of the doctor who said at 18 days 'do not have hope.' Now she has filled our lives with hope and we are immensely proud of what she has achieved considering the terrible start to life she has had.

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