Thursday, May 13, 2021

"My Husband Cut my Legs, He Said He Wanted to Marry a Woman With Short Legs" Woman Narrates

 Elizabeth Muthoni passed through hell in her marriage where he claims that her husband cut her legs and claimed he never expected to marry a woman with long legs.

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She claims when she met her husband, he was very caring and he provided everything for the family but as days moved he became more and more violent.

Elizabeth claims things changed after they got married and they were blessed with three children. She claims her husband had warned her against having friends in the neighborhood and he could take her wherever she wanted to go.

Elizabeth's husband would cut her with a machete and his parents supported him as he continued committing heinous actions. She claims she never reported him to the police whenever he cut her with a machete.

She claims she decided to leave her husband after he cut her legs and claimed he never wanted to marry a woman with long legs. Elizabeth started to live in her in law's house.

Elizabeth claims her husband tried to commit suicide and even after rushing him to the hospital he never healed. Elizabeth's husband died and the inlaws tried to chase her away but the police officers defended.

She has urged married couples to always walk away from marriage if it does not work instead of forcing things.

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