Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Mum of 5 Sheds Tears of Joy as Stranger Leaves Food At Doorstep For Her Starving Kids .

 When Emma Frost's eldest daughter opened the front door, loaded shopping bags and a written note sat conspicuously on the steps in front of her. 


The package contained two large bags laden with house shopping and five little bags with children's lunch, The Sun reports. 

It was accompanied by a note that the food was a gift from an unnamed family to Emma's. 

The note further gave instructions that she did not need to go to the door as the stranger would knock, drop and leave the food branded as "a gift from our family to yours." The mother of five, who hails from Blacon, Cheshire, revealed that she was in tears as she received the package from the kind stranger. 

The surprise delivery was also received with joy and gratitude by her children, the youngest at 11 months and the eldest aged 16. .

Although whoever blessed the family is yet to be known, the grateful mother wanted to make it known that she appreciated the stranger for brightening her day. 

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