Monday, May 17, 2021

Meet Beautiful 20-Year-Old Nigerian Triplets Making Waves as Models and Why They Always Wear Same Clothes.

 Tomisin, Toni and Deleshafa are Nigerian ladies that have become social media sensations not only because they are triplets, but their occupation and style are unique things to note. The 20-year-olds are doing well for themselves as models. However, their mum wasn't expecting to birth triplets when she was pregnant with them. 


In a recent interview with BBC News Pidgin, Tomisin, who claimed to be the eldest, said their mum was told by doctors that she was with only one child at that time. On another hospital visit, they backtracked, saying that the pregnancy was actually a twin. 

On why they always rock the same outfits, the beauts stated that they took to it upon realization that it was profitable as people do appreciate them by offering money. While expressing their undying love for each other, the triplet from a family of five said they lost their dad at age 2 and were consequently raised by their mother. The fashionistas who are known to cause a stir online and on the street said they recently gained admission into the same university and intend to stay together. 

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