Monday, May 24, 2021

Man With 16 Wives & 151 Children Wants to Marry Again, Says His Full-Time Job is ‘Satisfying’ His Wives

It may sound bizarre, but a man who has 16 wives and 151 children revealed that he has no plans of stopping anytime soon and is even getting ready to marry his 17th wife! Yes, in case you are left with your mouth wide open, this is a true story of Misheck Nyandoro, a 66-year-old retired war veteran from Zimbabwe, whose tales of polygamy are making headlines all over the world.

 According to a Daily Mail report, he says he does not work and claims his full-time job is ‘satisfying his wives’, who cook, clean, and cater to his every desire. He now plans to marry his 17th bride in the winter and hopes to have 100 wives and 1 000 children before he dies

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