Thursday, May 27, 2021

List Showing N7.2m Cost for Marriage Ceremony Stuns Social Media, DJ’s Pay is N188k .

 A wedding estimate showing that the event would cost N7,212,267,50 has stirred an interesting conversation around how much intending couples should spend or not. In the said list, the venue for 800 guests would be taking a whopping sum of N1,720,200 rent fee. Out of the whole budget, N282,000 will be for the decoration.



To make the event stress-free, an event planner will be involved at the great cost of 319,600. Souvenirs for the guest will gulp N1,880,000.

Both MC and the DJ will get the same amount of N188,000 each. A live band, perhaps for the afterparty will be costing the couple N199,750. 

It should, however, be noted that the list may have been self-generated, and could not verify if they were used for an actual wedding or not. 

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