Sunday, May 16, 2021

Kodak Black Addresses Beef With YoungBoy Never Broke Again on New Track

 Kodak Blacks new album, Haitian Boy Kodak, features a song that addresses his recent beef with Youngboy Never broke again


On the track, “Dirty K,” Kodak spits emotional bars about the emcee’s failed relationship with the imprisoned rapper. “My lil’ brother YoungBoy told me he look up to me/ I don’t know why but he be feeling like it’s fuck me now/ Bout to call him, tryna see what all the fussing bout,” Kodak warbles.

Prior to 2020, the pair were actually close friends, even linking up on songs together like “Water” and “Chosen One” back in 2017. But all that changed in April 2020 when Kodak accused YoungBoy of cooperating with the cops while he was locked up on federal firearms charges. The accusations came after YoungBoy’s girlfriend, Iyana “Yaya” Mayweather, was arrested for stabbing at YoungBoy’s Louisiana home.

Following the claims, YoungBoy fired back at Kodak on social media. “I ain’t never paid attention to no n***a,” he said. “Especially, from no muthafuckin cell, n***a. What the fuck a n***a watching me for?” He continued to take vicious jabs at Kodak. “Then what the n***a say? A n***a say I cooperated. Bout what you stupid bitch? Bout my wife?”

The beef escalated from there with Kodak calling the Louisiana rapper his son, and continuing to taunt him. At one point Kodak’s Sniper Gang apparel even made NBA Youngboy to change his opinion, as NBA had been arrested and jailed for outstanding warrant He went on Instagram Live to express his disappointment that NBA has been locked up. Now, it appears he’s ready to go even deeper in his expression of the disconnect with YoungBoy.

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