Sunday, May 2, 2021

Furious Manchester United fans storm Old Trafford pitch in protest against American owners

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 About 200 individuals are believed to have gained access to the pitch via the Munich Tunnel after pushing down barriers.


Supporters are demanding change at the top of the club, which is under the control of the Glazer family, following the failed bid to join the controversial and now-defunct European Super League.

Billionaire co-chairman Joel Glazer apologised to supporters on April 21 for signing up to the breakaway project but many United fans are not placated. Some carried placards at the protest reading "apology not accepted" and others chanted "Glazers out."

Speaking ahead of the protest, United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said: "It's important that the fans' views are listened to and we communicate better. My job is to focus on the football side and that we have the best possible team.

"As I've said before I've been backed, I've had great support from the club and the owners and I'm sure I will get the backing again to go one step further. When the protests are on, it's important they go in a good fashion and that we keep it peaceful."

The club is due to play Liverpool later this afternoon but the game has been delayed by the protest. The Premier League was hopeful that the game would still kick off at 4.30 pm, according to the Manchester evening news .

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