Monday, May 24, 2021

Ever wondered why most people die between 3 am to 4 am

 Have you ever understood the mystery that surrounds the hours between 3am and 4am. What is so special about this time that most things happen at this time.

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Even the darkest of rituals are always done at around 3am to 4am. Most religious people would even prefer to pray at this time.

A research also concluded that most hospital deaths occur between the two hours that is 3 to 4am. Most sick patients die between those two hours and there are diverse reasons as to why that happens

A research was conducted to also find out why most deaths occur early in the morning just a few hour before sunrise.

It was discovered that at hours between 3 to 4am, the immunity of the body is actually most vulnerable.

It is even said that person's who get involved in accidents at such times have high percentage chances of not surviving.

If a patient is very sick and with a terminal illness, they would usually pass away within the morning hours.

Science has tried to explain the phenomenon and religion has not also been left behind. According to science, that is the time when the body is trying to prepare for the activities of the next day, the brain is trying to dispose some information in preparation for another series of activities.

At this time, adrenaline and anti inflammatory hormones are at their lowest which causes airways to narrow. Spasm triggering compounds are also at the highest at this time and a person is more likely to die at this time according to Harvard medical research.

Religion has also tried to explain the phenomenon, according to the Bible, Christ died at 3pm and instantly there was darkness and Jesus went to hell.

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