Thursday, May 20, 2021

A Black homeowner concealed her race during an appraisal. The value more than doubled.

 A Black Indianapolis homeowner who had a nagging suspicion that her house was lowballed in two appraisals last year went to great lengths to conceal her race in a third. She removed photos of herself and her relatives and had a white friend pose as her brother for the appraiser's home visit.


The result? The appraisal of Carlette Duffy's home more than doubled.

Duffy's home, which was assessed by different companies last year, was first appraised at $125,000, then $110,000 and finally $259,000 in November, according to the Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana. The nonprofit announced this month that it had filed housing discrimination complaints on Duffy's behalf with the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Amy Nelson, executive director of the group representing Duffy, said it's "heartbreaking" that she had to do so much to secure a fair appraisal.

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