Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Woman, 31, MARRIES her father-in-law, 60, who comforted her when her marriage to his stepson broke down


A woman has told how she married her husband's stepfather and had a baby with him after they were both divorced – despite a 29-year age gap. 

Daily Mail

Erica Quiggle, 31, from Harrodsburg, Kentucky, carried a torch for her stepfather-in-law Jeff Quiggle, 60, while they were both still married.

And when her relationship with her first husband, factory worker Justin Towell, who is the father of her nine-year-old son, faltered in 2011, engineer Jeff offered her a shoulder to cry on. 

Stay-at-home mother Erica, who was just 19 when she married Justin, now 38, soon found her gratitude to Jeff blossoming into love. 

Not wanting to hurt anyone and with an age gap of almost 30 years, she tried to fight her feelings but, in 2017, by which time their respective marriages had ended, Jeff had confessed to feeling the same and they made their love public. 

They then completed their family when their daughter, Brexlee, two, was born in 2018 after they were married in August that year. 

Erica, who had known Jeff through Justin's sister since she was 16, said: 'It sounds scandalous, but we had this love we could not deny. Despite everything, our relationship is now perfect. 

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