Monday, April 5, 2021

Woman, 27, who inexplicably started growing a beard at 15 has NEVER shaved it off .

 A woman who refuses to shave her stubble is embracing life as a bearded lady despite years of abuse from strangers. 

Daily Mail

Klyde Warren, 27, from Nebraska, says she refuses to let cruel comments from strangers - who have branded her 'gross' - stop her from loving her fulsome facial hair, which she insists is her favorite feature.  

The freelance writer is taunted on dating apps because of her beard, but she remains determined to find a partner who loves her facial hair as much as she does. 

The cause of Klyde's excess facial hair is a mystery and despite it affecting her love life, she said she's learned to love her natural body, and so negativity from other people doesn't affect her. 

Klyde said: 'I get a lot of stares and people on Tinder will go out of their way to message me and tell me I'm disgusting and gross.

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