Monday, April 5, 2021

Transwoman Forced To Have Testicles Removed After Years Of Tucking

 A transgender woman needed to have one of her testicles removed because of her habit of ‘tucking,’ made famous through hit TV show Ru Paul’s Drag Race.


The unidentified 24-year-old, from the Philippines, had not yet undergone full gender reassignment surgery.

The avid cross-dresser pushed her testicles back into her stomach four times a week ever since becoming an adult, in an effort to hide her genitals.

Her habit often caused her pain but she shrugged it off. But when pulling her testicles back down into her scrotum during her final attempt, one of them twisted around the cord it dangles from.

The grisly accident, known as testicular torsion, left the woman in unbearable pain and cut off the blood supply to her genitals.

Without urgent treatment to get the blood flowing again the testicle can die and have to be removed.

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