Monday, April 12, 2021

Nike settles lawsuit over Satan Shoes seen in Lil Nas X video

 It’s been a dramatic few weeks for Nike and MSCHF (an arts collective/troll-y merchandise company), with the latter designing and selling 666 pairs of “Satan Shoes” as a tie-in with Lil Nas X’s Monterro and then getting sued by the former because the shoes were actually heavily customized Nike Air Max 97s.


 Nike was upset that there seemed to be a lot of confusion from pearl-clutchers and monocle-droppers over the shoes, with the desperate-to-be-offended quickly and vocally expressing their disgust that Nike would allow itself to be associated with the devil and a gay man who made a music video in which he gave the devil a lap dance

Nike was not actually involved with the shoes at all, so it filed a lawsuit demanding that it be compensated some untold amount of damages and that the shoes be destroyed.

 Lil Nas X wasn’t actually involved in the suit at all, which was a smart PR move on Nike’s part given how good his meme work is on social media, but Nike still seemed awfully upset about the whole stunt.

Now, in what is actually a pretty unsurprising conclusion to the whole affair, Nike and MSCHF have settled

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