Saturday, April 24, 2021

Nigerian Man Married to 7 Wives Shows Off Huge Lengthy Yam Barns, Video Stuns the Internet,

 An emerging video of a Nigerian man's yam barns has gained huge traction on social media. The big farmer named Chief Goddey Ehiwarior, in an Instagram video by gossipboyz1 took the video recorder the full length of one of his yam barns. 


Goddey who married seven wives and has many children said that he has been cultivating yams for the past 45 years. 

The Delta state indigene . a native of Amahia, Alihagwu, Agbor . with the help of his family and workers now owns yam barns that stretches several miles and can comfortably make a fence round a building

. Goddey is also said to be engaged in farming of other food crops namely okra, pepper, cassava and palm-oil. 

The polygamous man does livestock farming too. The viral clip stirred massive reactions among Nigerians as many marvelled at how rich he is in food, many others praised him for his hardwork. 

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