Saturday, April 3, 2021

Honest Employee Finds N16m Hidden in Donated Sweaters, Returns Money to Owner; Gifted N349k Reward .

 An employee working for a donation centre was shocked to find N16million ($42k) hidden in some old clothes that were being donated. 


Andrea Lessing discovered the huge amount of cash while going through a pile of donations at her Goodwill location in Norman, Oklahoma. 

According to CNN, the young lady was sorting a pile of clothes when she felt something odd between two sweaters and when she opened them, she was shocked to find wads of cash. 

Lessing said in an interview that she thought the money was fake as she had never seen such an amount in her entire life. She immediately reported and with some documentation found in the same donation, they were able to locate the owner. The mother of one's good deed was rewarded with the owner of the cash asking Goodwill to give her N349,00 which she said lifted a huge burden off her shoulders. 

Lessing said she wants her daughter to follow in her footsteps and know that kindness, honesty and integrity can lead one to great places. The donations centre was impressed by Lessing's integrity which is a core value they strive to live out daily. 

The cash is also the largest that any Goodwill in Oklahoma has found in its 85-year history. 

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