Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Grieving husband carries his wife's body TWO MILES to a burial ground after she died of Covid .

A grieving husband has been filmed carrying his dead wife's body two miles through the streets so she could be buried after she died of Covid. 

Daily Mail

The man, named locally as Swamy, was captured on CCTV with the body of wife Nagalaxmi slung over his shoulder making his way through the streets of Kamareddy, a town in southern Telangana state, on April 25.

Police at the local railway station, where she collapsed and died, gave the man money to pay for her burial but refused to touch her for fear of catching the virus - as did passersby along his two-mile route.

The man, who was also unwell according to local media, eventually reached the burial ground where his wife was laid to rest - though had to stop several times along the way to catch his breath.

The tragic scene unfolded as India's Covid cases and deaths soar, with 3,293 new fatalities reported today pushing the overall total above 200,000 - though analysts warn the true total is likely to be at least double that or more because up to 80 per cent of deaths in India are not officially registered.

The country also reported another 360,960 cases today, a new one-day record, as patients overwhelm hospitals and India's health system collapses with no end to the crisis in sight. 

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