Saturday, April 24, 2021

Frustrated’ dad kills his crying baby — then goes to sleep.

 A father who at first said he accidentally killed his infant daughter in March has now admitted to purposely harming the two-month-old child, a Pennsylvania district attorney said.

Fort Worth Star Telegram

Lamont Bacchus, 31, and two others received upgraded charges Thursday after officials said he revealed new information regarding the death of the baby, identified by Lehigh Valley Live as Reann M. Bacchus.

The father initially told police he accidentally dropped Reann when he tripped while carrying her on March 19. He changed his story when the results of the girl's autopsy were released, Monroe County First Assistant District Attorney Michael Mancuso said in a news release Thursday.

The autopsy revealed the baby “suffered from a gaping skull fracture on the left side of the head and numerous scalp and brain hemorrhages,” according to the district attorney’s office, which listed her cause of death as “traumatic brain injury as a result of homicide.”

Bacchus later said “frustration” led to the deadly sequence of events.

“Bacchus admitted that he had struck the baby’s head against the table out of frustration from her crying and him being the only one caring for the child during that time,” Mancuso said.

He immediately knew Reann was dead, the district attorney’s office said, but placed her on the couch before he went to sleep

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