Thursday, April 8, 2021

Ex MMA Fighter Tyler East Shot Dead After Violently Attacking Girlfriend

 Tyler East, a talented but tormented wrestler and MMA fighter was shot and killed on Monday evening in his hometown of Los Lunas.

The Guardian

According to a New Mexico State Police news release, East died as the result of a domestic dispute. He was shot, police said, by a man who had witnessed him having shot East’s girlfriend. East was dragging the woman out of a Los Lunas residence.

The former MMA fighter was declared dead at the scene. The woman was transported to a hospital in Albuquerque where she is being treated for the injuries and is in a stable condition.

According to the police, the person who fired shots at East fled before officers arrived at the scene. The investigation remains open, police said.

From a young age, East’s life was a volatile mix of athletic success and brushes with the law. Violence off the mat or out of the cage often was his downfall.

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