Monday, April 5, 2021

Enter the Men's Jewelry Renaissance

 If you spent the past 18 months on a silent-meditation retreat without internet access, you'd be surprised by some newly ubiquitous accessories upon your reentry into society.


 Hey, you might ask a passerby as they hustled along in their N95 mask and face shield, what's up with all these dudes in pearl necklaces and dangly earrings?

Pandemic notwithstanding, in any American city in 2021 you're likely to see a sudden riot of men sporting gem-encrusted tennis bracelets, baroque gold rings, and handmade beaded chokers. Just as men's fashion has become increasingly fluid and animated by womenswear flourishes, the jewelry universe has also undergone a profound shift. Whereas once there was a clear line separating traditionally feminine and masculine jewelry, that line hasn't been blurred so much as it's been completely destroyed.

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