Monday, April 12, 2021

Duchess of Cornwall's relative accuses wife of lying about her age when they married - denying him the chance of more children

Mr Villiers' late mother was a cousin of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

 An aristocrat and relative of the Duchess of Cornwall has accused his wife of lying about her age in an ongoing divorce battle, which he claims denied him more children.

The Telegraph

Charles Villiers, 58, has been embroiled in a six-year divorce case that has so far played out in five different courts and before twelve judges.

The couple, who share 25-year-old daughter Clarissa, married in 1994 and Charles has said he believed his wife to be 35 at the time.

He has made various claims of dishonesty from his ex wife in court, the most serious of which was when he accused her of bigamy, which she vehemently denied.

As part of the ongoing legal battle, he now claims to have unearthed new evidence on one of his wife's previous marriage certificates which would mean she was in fact 40 when they tied the knot, according to the Sunday Times.

Mr Villiers told the newspaper: "Most of my friends were in their thirties at the time, with wives of similar age and additional children kept appearing for them.

Mr Villiers went on to state that his wife did not wish to celebrate milestone birthdays, which he found "bizarre", before adding: "If it was a genuine error made in the creation of a marriage certificate document, not one word of explanation has ever been offered to me by Emma in 27 years."

An electoral role registers Mrs Villiers as being born in 1958, which would make her current age 62, and 35 when they married.

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