Monday, April 5, 2021

Davido hits the streets of Onitsha as actor, Zubby Michael clears the road for him

 Popular musician, Davido thrills residents of Onitsha to utmost excitement as he storms the streets for an Easter concert.


Davido’s arrival caused a traffic Jam in Onitsha as everyone was enthusiastic to welcome the star.

A gesture that caught everyone’s attention was that of actor, Zubby Michael who took it upon himself to make way for the music star.

Zubby Michael could be seen pushing and warning people to keep off the path of Davido in order to facilitate smooth passage and less obstruction.

Davido who was amazed by such an act exhibited by Zubby Michael continuously screamed Zubby Michael’s name, but he seemed to be so engrossed in clearing the way for Davido.

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