Saturday, April 3, 2021

Comedy club is a hub for comedians to hone skills

 Olufemi Ademola Fagade might not ring a bell but at the mention of Omobaba 1, entertainment lovers will start laughing.

The Nation

Such is the ability of this seasoned comedian to evoke giggles and cause his audience to titter with words and jocular expressions.

In a brief chat with The Nation, Omobaba conveyed the importance of comedy clubs, which is now on the increase across different states in Nigeria.

His flagship comedy club is known as Unknot your tie and it takes place every Wednesday at Sidewalk restaurant and lounge on Victoria Island.

“Comedy clubs are actually a hub for comedians to hone and perfect their skills. More like a platform where you can test the waters, test your jokes and feel the reaction of the people before going to the main stage,” he began.

Continuing, he said, “A comedy club is where you oil your engine and you fire it on anytime you have your show. Most weekends, we get shows or events to perform while the weekdays are often free, so rather than getting idle, why not get a place to myself and entertain people that understand and value standup comedy.

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