Monday, April 5, 2021

Babies Rocking Tattoos

 The fashion of applying tattoos on the body is one long-aged practiced that is as old as man himself. Several historical arts of bodily adornment and inscription of marks can be traced to ancient civilizations like the Egyptian culture and Roman civilization.

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Fashion in this modern era of the 21st century has taken a whole new course entirely, as different cultures and civilizations have resorted to numerous medium and style of fashion that is considerably awkward and unnecessary.

Speaking of awkward fashion, in this article, we shall be considering the photos of infants and babies whose parents or guidance allegedly drew tattoos on their body. The ideal of tattooing one’s body is simply aimed at “enhancing the sophistications a person possesses”, or its rather done in other to create an awareness that fits into societal trend or lifestyle that is in high demands among youngsters and celebrities.

The phenomenon of drawing tattoos on the body is not completely wrong for an adult, because they have more control and will power over their lives; but the ideal of drawing tattoos on the body of a child is completely an aberration from the accepted societal norms and values. Apart from this act being totally immoral and indecent, which also goes against the right of the child; it tends to pose a lot of detrimental effects on the child’s health and psychological wellbeing when the child eventually advances into a more conscious age.

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