Monday, April 26, 2021

Archaeologists Think They’ve Found Missing Link in Origin of the Alphabet

 When it comes to the fruits of human genius the wheel gets a lot of credit as the most important invention in human history.


 If you roll the wheel to the side, however, the alphabet and different ways of producing and arranging it, like the printing press, have also had a sizeable impact on the course of human history. Even if people are divided by language, it’s by writing that ideas and stories are unshackled from individual speakers and can travel and move across space and time. For all its importance, though, the limited archeological evidence makes it difficult to tell the history of western. literature’s foundation stone. Now, archaeologists in Israel claim that they have discovered a “missing piece” of the puzzle

The preponderance of alphabetic scription from bowls, tombs, and a temple suggest that this is one of the places that the Semitic alphabet developed. Over the followed centuries, the Greeks (and, following them, the Romans) adopted an alphabetized writing system. And of course English—and many other languages—use the Latin writing system and Hindu-Arabic numerals to this day.

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