Saturday, April 24, 2021

An Italian man accused of not showing up for work for the past 15 years now faces extortion charges

 An Italian man in the southern city of Catanzaro raked in hundreds of thousands of euros from his job as a hospital worker over the last 15 years.The only problem?


Authorities say he hasn't been to work since 2005.

The man dubbed the "king of absentees" by the Italian press is accused of skipping work while collecting full pay for the last decade and a half..

Now 66, Salvatore Scumace allegedly stopped showing up to his civil servant job at the Ciaccio hospital in 2005..

Fifteen years later, he faces charges of fraud, abuse of office, and aggravated extortion.. Authorities have accused Scumache of threatening his manager, the hospital director at the time, to stop her from taking disciplinary action over his absenteeism.

When his manager retired, Scumace was able to continue his streak of absenteeism because his attendance was reportedly never checked by the director's successor or human resources.

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