Monday, March 1, 2021

Strange Occurrence:Clapham wood Mystery

 Clapham Wood Mystery is represented by a large collection of strange occurrence which take place at Clapham Wood,West Sussex,England.

It is said that people have encountered numerous strange apparitions in the woods;that they disappeared in there;that many of their pets went missing in there, and so on.

Since 1960s the area has witnessed a rash of UFO sightings,reports of people,experiencing nausea or the sensation of being pushed by unseen forces,or witnessing patches of strange mist developing suddenly on pathways through the woods

. some people have also reported a strong sense of being followed.Studies with a gieger counter have revealed slightly elevated levels of background radiation in the area, which is suprising since the area is situated on chalk which is normally low in radiation

.Early photographs of the wood appear to show a large crater or depression somewhere in the wood.though now the area is highly wooded and difficult to search

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