Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Scientist Behind Pfizer Vaccine Plans To Use Same Technique To Treat Cancer

 The scientist behind the first widely used coronavirus vaccine says the technology behind it will soon be used to fight cancer.


Ozlem Tureci, who co-founded the German company BioNTech with her husband, was working on a way to harness the body’s immune system to tackle tumours when they learned last year of an unknown virus infecting people in China.

In a report by The Daily Mail, over breakfast, the couple decided to apply the technology they’d been researching for two decades to the new threat, dubbing the effort ‘Project Lightspeed.’

Within 11 months, Britain had authorised the use of the mRNA vaccine BioNTech developed with US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, followed a week later by the United States. Tens of millions of people worldwide have received the shot since December.

Among the biggest challenges for the small, Mainz-based company that had yet to get a product to market was how to conduct large-scale clinical trials across different regions and how to scale up the manufacturing process to meet global demand.


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