Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Photo of Well Furnished House with Modern Facilities that Sells for N1.7m ($3,000)Go Viral

 The home was first posted on Facebook by Kenya Projects Budget Homes . It costs KSh 500,000 (N1,733,834.24),( $3,000) and has all the necessary amenities . The house which is surprisingly the size of a bedsitter has two bedrooms, a kitchen, a washroom and a sitting room .


You thought your bedsitter was wee-sized? Think again. 

Photos of a two-bedroom home have made rounds on social media and the one thing that stands out about the abode is how tiny it is. 

The house that is currently being sold at KSh 500,000 (N1,733,834.24) in different places across the country has been dubbed as the “Vitz or kadudu” of homes. 

The house has been sectioned into a kitchen, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a sitting room despite being so tiny. In it, a sofa, a table and a TV stand can fit but walking around can be quite a challenge. Anyone planning to purchase it needs a great carpenter who can design small beds which can then be squeezed into the bedrooms. Then, the bathroom looks like a hustle to fit in but the owner can always adapt. 

People are still debating on whether or not it is economical to purchase the property but most have argued that half a million is a steal and a great deal. .

Interestingly, the interior and exterior have great finishing which include manicured walls and a sightly roof. One social media user joked that the house can be ordered online and delivered on the same day at the back of a lorry. 

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