Thursday, March 4, 2021

Lady breaks the internet with her amazing body transformation from being plus-sized to slim, shares her secret .

 On Wednesday, March 3, social media users were blown away at an unbelievable sight  a lady has just lost a sizeable number of her body mass. 


Dawn Elizabeth shared on Twitter two frames of herself; one old, the other her new look. In the first frame which is her old look, she was plus-sized. Surprisingly, her new look leaves no trace of someone that had so much weight.

Elizabeth's hour-glass look got social media users gushing and wondering how she came about the amazing transformation. 

Elizabeth lost a whopping 300 pounds in the space of a year of mental and physical drilling, training, good dieting and exercising. Now, she runs her own boot camp where she trains ladies of different age grades in what she termed 'getting right and getting tight.' 

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