Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Escaped prisoner caught after trying to buy Call of Duty: 'Idiotic decision'

 An escaped prisoner in Birmingham, England has been recaptured after he came out of hiding to buy Call Of Duty.

The West Midlands Police uploaded bodycam footage of the Jan. 13 arrest on YouTube on March 4, where it has since been viewed over 97,000 times.

Officers at the Birmingham city center claimed they became suspicious of two men who immediately started walking in the opposite direction after spotting the police. An officer then stopped the pair and asked for their identification, before being kicked by one of the men.

The attacker, Clint Butler, was eventually apprehended with the help of nearby security guards. Butler was serving a 17-year sentence for multiple crimes including robbery and firearms-related charges, as reported by Sky News.

He broke out of HM Prison Spring Hill in Edgcott, England, in Nov. 2020 and has been wanted ever since.

And what was compelling enough for Butler to risk venturing out into public? Video games, of course.

“I’ve come to get the new Call of Duty because I can’t sit around in lockdown no more,” Butler said to one of the officers who stopped him.

Butler was probably referring to Call Of Duty:Black oops cold war, which was released in Nov. 2020, the same month he escaped from prison. After his recapture, Butler is now serving an additional sentence for assaulting the arresting officers.

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