Thursday, March 4, 2021

Burger King shocks customers with ‘insane’ new menu item: ‘My stomach would kill me’

 There’s a new one-pound burger at Burger King and fast food fans are absolutely losing it.Over the last few months, Burger King locations around the world have stunned customers with some pretty new offerings.

In The Know

 The chain has launched a "Chocolate whopper" in Taiwan, debuted a "fake burger" in Japan and giving away free potatoes in France.

Now, a new item has social media losing its mind. It’s called the "meat wall" — and apparently, it’s very, very spicy.

The sandwich, only available at Burger King Japan, has been formally dubbed the “Strong Magma Super One Pound Beef Burger.” It features four patties, two slices of cheese and a mysterious spicy powder made of Japanese peppers.

Customers who finish the burger will earn a celebratory sticker, according to Hypebeast. Meanwhile, the item itself costs ¥1,380 yen (approximately $13 USD).

Social media users around the world had plenty to say about the Burger King one-pound burger. Some called the item “insane” or a “monstrosity.”

“If they took off half the patties, I would totally try it,” one twitter user wrote. “As is, my stomach would kill me if I tried to eat that much.”

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