Tuesday, March 23, 2021


 Last weekend marked the first official day of spring which to us means only one thing — big pants, little shirt season is here.


If you're unaware of the phrase, big pants, little shirt is a meme designed to describe the way a certain group of people, mainly women, dress — think Instagram/ TikTok baddie or basically any female celebrity today (Dua Lipa is a particularly strong proponent of the look).

Also known as "big pants, tiny shirt", the style is almost ubiquitous yet difficult to pin down to its exact roots. As Garage Magazine puts it in its piece "Searching for The Big Pants/Little Shirt Girl", she is "hard to define. You’ve seen her everywhere and nowhere."

On the flip side, there are "big shirt, little pants" people where the shirt is so oversized the pants disappear (think Ariana Grande) and "big shirt, big pants" crew who wear oversized everything (Billie Eilish). Basically, all your fits now need to revolve around how big your pants are — and we're going big this spring.

While the phrase "big pants, little shirt" is undoubtedly used in a gendered and often pejorative way, we think that big pants and little shirts are for everyone, they're a way of life. If you need some inspiration, Lucas Hedges was seen recently wearing some very big pants, while BTS' Jungkook wore a pair so big it made his feet disappear.

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