Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Barack Obama Remembers Thinking ‘You Can Do Anything’ During His First Trip to U.S. Mainland as a Child

Barack Obama emembers thinking "you can do anything and be anybody" you want during his first trip to the mainland U.S. as a child.


The former president was raised in Hawaii for most of his childhood before moving to Los Angeles after high school, later finishing his studies at Columbia University in New York City and then Harvard University in Boston.

But when he was about 11 years old, Obama flew to the U.S. with his mother, grandmother and 2-year-old sister, Maya, for a road trip across the country.

Obama, now 59, recalls the trip on the latest episode of his new Renegade's podcast with friend Bruce Springsteen.

"I remember looking out a Greyhound buses and looking out of trains and looking out of car windows," Obama tells the 71-year-old Springsteen. "Just miles of corn or miles of desert, or miles of forest, or miles of mountains."

Staring out of the bus window, Obama says, he was "just thinking, 'Man, imagine where you can go. You can go anywhere, and by implication, you can do anything and be anybody.' "

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