Wednesday, March 31, 2021

After Man Asked Former Boss to Pay him his Last N348k($915) Salary, he Gets Oil Stained Coins of Same Amount.

 A man, Andreas Flaten, living in Georgia, US, got the most surprising moment of his life months after he went to his boss to ask for his last salary. People reports that Andrea was taken aback when he got the same amount, $915 (N348,615), in pennies that have been stained in oil. 


His girlfriend, Olivia Oxley, who made the revelation on her Instagram page said she believed that his former boss, Mile Walker, did that as a way to spite him. The lady stated that they were at first angry when they saw that their driveway was filled with the oily pennies on their way out. Olivia, however, said that after taking the coins off the road, they found the whole act very funny, thinking about how the former boss could be so wicked that he would go to such a length to hurt someone. When the media reached out to Walker, he said could not “remember” if he was the person who dumped the coins but said he knew for sure that the former employee got his last pay. 

After calling Andrea an unpublishable name, he criticised journalists for giving the former employee a platform for such an issue. Andrea reported the case to the authority. It should be noted that on top of the big pile of coins was a note that read: “F—you!”. 

The couple after putting the whole coins together later set out to clean them so that the man can cash them out. The man said he hopes his story will achieve the purpose of exposing his wicked employer and serve as a cautionary tale to anyone who may want to treat other people as filth. 

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