Sunday, March 14, 2021

A California man who killed his 2 autistic sons by driving them off a wharf was sentenced to 212 years in prison

On April 9, 2015, Elmezayen drove a car with his ex-wife and two youngest children off a wharf at the Port of Los Angeles.


. Investigators say he swam out the open driver's side window of the car while his ex-wife, who did not know how to swim, escaped the vehicle and survived after a nearby fisherman threw her a flotation device.

Two of the couple's three sons, an 8- and 13-year-old and who were both severely autistic, were strapped in the car and drowned. The couple's third son was away at camp at the time and was not in the car at the time his father drove it into the water.

Before the incident, Elmezayen bought from eight different insurance companies more than $3 million of life and accidental death insurance policies on himself and his family between July 2012 and March 2013.

After purchasing the policies, Elmezayen repeatedly called the insurance companies - sometimes pretending to be his ex-wife in - to verify that the policies were active and that they would pay benefits if his ex-wife died in an accident.

He also called at least two of the insurance companies to confirm they would not investigate claims made two years after the policies were purchased. These telephone calls were recorded and were played for the jury.

After the incident, Elmezayen collected more than $260,000 in insurance proceeds from Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance and American General Life Insurance on the accidental death insurance policies he had taken out on the children's lives. He used part of the insurance payout to purchase real estate in Egypt as well as a boat. 

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