Monday, February 8, 2021

Single mother, 35, reveals she was conned out of £5,000 by a fraudster who posed as a hunky US soldier .

 A single mother was scammed out of £5,000 by a fraudster posing as a hunky American soldier, who she had spent a year chatting to online.

Daily Mail

Julie Price, from Portsmouth, was tricked into sending iTunes and Amazon gift cards to the man, who claimed he needed them to access to internet and talk to her from his base in Afghanistan.

Julie, 35, explained she was 'vulnerable' because she was grieving the death of her father and had just come out of a long term relationship when the fraudster targeted her.

The unknown fraudster had been using US soldier Jonathan Ramos' Instagram pictures, and even used the soldier's first name to target Julie over WhatsApp. 

The mother-of-two spoke to 'Jonathan' for a year and sold her car, her TV and her nan's engagement ring to pay for her lover's flights, before learning that the man of her dreams wasn't real.

Julie explained: 'I'm ashamed of it now but I was completely in love with a stranger. 

'I thought he was the person in the photos who was a soldier and was fighting for his country.

'Looking back on it I feel stupid. But I had just come out of a long term relationship and my dad had died just five months before he first messaged me.

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