Sunday, February 21, 2021

Saudi Arabia allows women to join the military

 Saudi Arabia is allowing women to join its military, the Kingdom's defence ministry announced on Sunday, in its latest efforts to improve its image abroad.

The Telegraph

Military ranks from soldier to sergeant are now available to women in the Saudi Arabian Army, Royal Saudi Air Defence, Navy and Strategic Missile Force and the Armed Forces Medical Services.

Women between 21 and 40 who have a clean criminal record, are not married to a non-Saudi Arabian citizens and have at least a high-school education are eligible to sign up to the forces.

The move comes under Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s “vision 2030” initiative – the 35-year-old prince’s efforts to modernise the kingdom, attract foreign investment and improve its reputation.

Despite reforms on driving, employment and freedom of movement over recent years, women’s rights remains a major criticism of the Kingdom.

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