Monday, February 22, 2021

Rwandan Seif Bamporiki killed in South Africa

 Leading Rwandan opposition politician Seif Bamporiki has been shot dead in South Africa, where he lived in exile.Mr Bamporiki was pulled from his vehicle in a township in Cape Town before being killed, police said.


Preliminary investigations showed he had been killed in a robbery, police said. But Mr Bamporiki's party, the Rwanda National Congress (RNC), said the motive was still unclear.

Rwanda has previously been accused of targeting dissidents in South Africa.

It has consistently denied the allegation.

Kagame's government of being authoritarian, and of being intolerant of dissent.

Mr Bamporiki ran a bed shop in Cape Town. He was making a delivery in Nyanga township on Sunday when he was shot after being confronted by two men, police said.

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