Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Nigeria inheritance: 'My brothers took everything when my father died'


Women are still routinely being cut out of their parents' inheritance in parts of south-eastern Nigeria, despite a Supreme Court ruling that it is discriminatory.


After Onyinye Igwe lost her father two years ago, life became financially difficult for her even though he was a relatively wealthy man, leaving behind houses, land and money in the bank.

Her father, like most men in this conservative country who are superstitious about writing a will, died intestate so the duty of sharing out his estate fell to his children.

Despite being the first child, Ms Igwe, 29, and her five other sisters received nothing - everything went to the three men in the family as is the custom among the Igbo people.

As a result, she could no longer afford to go to university and now runs a small business selling cooked noodles in Abagana town in south-eastern Anambra state.

Her brother, Oscar Nonso, a musician who now runs a poultry business in the compound he inherited, said he had done nothing wrong and had only followed the tradition of his people.

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