Monday, February 1, 2021

Ja Rule Says Trump is Allowed on His App Iconn After Twitter Banned Him

 While Donald Trump is banned from Twitter, it appears that he’s welcome on Ja Rule’s new app, Iconn.However, Ja has laid down some guidelines for his celebrity booking app—namely, the Proud Boys are not permitted to join.


 In addition to being banned from Twitter for inciting the U.S. Capitol riot, Trump has been restricted from using Twitch, Shopify, Snapchat, and a number of other platforms.

Ja said Trump can freely create an account on Iconn only if he doesn’t push his supporters to act out: “It’s freedom for everybody,” Ja told TMZ. “But I suppose if he started doing crazy things like trying to rile up his base and get the proud boys going on Iconn, then he got to go. Any funny shit out of you Donnie and you gotta go.”

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