Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Fraudsters pay with paper for N497,000 goods

 A businessman, David Maduka, who sells doors, has narrated how three customers paid him with paper cut to the size of naira notes after purchasing goods worth N497,000 in Agbarho, Ughelli North council area of Delta State.

The Nation

Maduka told The Nation on Monday that the incident happened last Wednesday at his shop located in Agbarho.

He said the three suspects came in a new white Toyota Sienna and bought four doors totaling N497,000.

“I was on my way to Onitsha. My brother and sales rep were here, but I was the one who transacted the business on the phone.

“My people counted the money in N1000 notes. But it wasn’t up to five minutes after the men left with the doors loaded in the Sienna that my people decided to recount. That was when they discovered the notes were blank sheets of paper,” Maduka said.

The businessman said his brother tried to go after them in a commercial motorcycle, but eventually lost sight of them on the highway.

The incident was reported at a police station in Agbarho.

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