Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Court orders man to pay his ex wife N2.9m for housework she did for 5 years .

 Just how much value can you attach to household chores like washing dishes, babysitting and doing laundry, especially if done by a spouse?


 That is the subject of debate across the world after a landmark ruling in China where a divorce court has ordered husband Chen to pay his estranged wife Wang 50,000 yuan (N2,950,329.48) as compensation for the five years she 'worked' for him as a wife, The Guardian reports. 

The ruling comes in the wake of a new civil code in China which states that an individual has the right to seek compensation from a former spouse if, during the period of the marriage, they handled unpaid housework including primary care for children and elderly parents. 

According to judge Feng Miao of Beijing's Fangshan District Court, while the division of tangible property is possible because the value can be attached, housework cannot. 

When Chen officially filed for divorce in 2020, Wang requested part of the property the two owned as well as 50,000 yuan (N2,950,329.48) in financial compensation. The court ruling awarded custody of the couple's son to Wang and ordered Chen to deposit 2,000 yuan (N118,013.18) monthly in Wang's account for upkeep. Given that it is a never-heard-before ruling, the case has stirred debate on social media as netizens try to crack the monetary value of domestic work. 

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