Tuesday, February 16, 2021

A bitcoin stash worth $68 million was seized by German police but the owner has refused to give up his password

 German prosecutors reportedly are holding about 1,700 bitcoin confiscated from a bitcoin miner, but the man won't give them his password to unlock the cryptocurrency.


"We asked him but he didn't say," Sebastian Murer, a prosecutor, told Reuters. "Perhaps he doesn't know."

At time of writing, the stash was worth about $67.9 million.

The bitcoin miner, who was from Kempten, Bavaria, was not named in the report. He was sentenced to about two years in prison after installing bitcoin mining software on others' computers, using them remotely to build a sum of bitcoin, according to Reuters.

He reportedly kept his mined bitcoin in a password-protected digital wallet, which is a common way to hold the digital currency.

Without the password, there's no way to open a digital walle

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