Friday, January 29, 2021

Upcoming singer Starboy Fizzy allegedly kills himself in Warri .


An upcoming singer popularly called Starboy Fizzy has reportedly killed himself in the early hours of Thursday, January 28. 


A friend of the singer called Idjedje Tejiri Black Joe shared the news on his Facebook page while mourning the musician. According to him, Starboy Fizzy drank a bottle of sniper which led to his death in Warri, Delta state. Mourning his friend, Tejiri asked why the singer gave up the journey of life by himself. According to him, taking his life is the biggest sin so far. 

A follower of Tejiri noted that the singer is doing well while wondering why he had to take his own life. Replying to his question, Starboy's friend stated that life is more than doing well, adding that the musician needed more than that. 

Meanwhile, it was reported on social media that the upcoming singer took his life shortly after he returned from a church vigil with his mom. According to the unconfirmed reports, the young man took the drastic step because the pastor of his mum's church told his mother that he saw a vision that the deceased wanted to use her for money ritual.

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